1. Carrie Lovett

    Thank you for your insight Andy! I was just wondering about this in my talk with God this morning. I live in the inner city of Philly and it’s been a challenge to befriend people beyond pleasantries without getting into a seriously sticky mess. Many of the people I come into close proximity with have had years of drug use in their lives. A simple act of kindness leads to suspicions of grand proportion. It’s frustrated me so much. I begin to think maybe I should just keep to myself….not an option…just isn’t who God made me! Thanks for shedding some light on this subject for me. Any suggestions for me as to how I can begin to practice this in my life would be greatly appreciated. I tend to make things complicated! Carrie Lovett


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    I actually had a great struggle with this years ago. I was passionately in love with Jesus and had most of my innocence still in tact. I knew that Jesus is Love and I was called to love people. I am a people person by design. Growing up in a Christian home I wasn’t sheltered by any means. I had gotten myself into trouble that could have led down very bad roads but, I had a good foundation to fall back on. I went to work in a restaurant which if you know anything about can have all types of lifestyles. I worked with drug addicts, alcoholics, and gay and lesbians. I developed good friendships with many of them and saw them as great people that I just happened to disagree with. My greatest struggle was that we believed such different things and I struggled connecting with some of them because I knew the two worlds we believed in collided. It wasn’t until the past few years that I came to a profound revelation. You may agree or disagree but it is slightly different than your post.

    This is my opinion, and it’s that, Jesus came with one motive and that is Love. I don’t personally believe that Jesus came to convert people but to love people. Hidden agendas are what kills movements. In your spirit you can tell when someone is lying to you because something isn’t right. Jesus went to the woman at the well and didn’t say let me tell you about why you should follow me. He told her about her current situation which she was obviously secretly ashamed of and then revealed her destiny. He gave her hope for change and it was that encounter with love that changed her heart and her mind. When we are motivated by love then transformation will ensue. No one trusts a car salesman because they are motivated by results and a paycheck. The relationship ends the moment they have your money or you reject their offer. It’s the same sense when you are dealing with a Christian being your friend because it’s the “Christian” thing to do. It personally gave me freedom in my heart to befriend anyone and everyone solely because I see them through the eyes of Jesus, the eyes of love and not because I have an agenda. It is a great post and touches on a good subject that many people will have answers for. I’m not saying my way is perfection but it’s my revelation of who Jesus is.


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