Amazon Friends Program

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Help me with a huge experiment!!

You may be wondering why this Amazon banner and link is here. Well, it’s here so that you can click through to Amazon, using my Amazon Affiliate link, and get ALL of your Amazon shopping done, while helping out little old me and my huge family.

How does clicking this link help me? Well, when you click this link to go to Amazon, rather than going through some other means, like someone else’s website or perhaps directly by typing the Amazon web address into your browser, Amazon remembers that you got to their website through my link, and so I’ll receive a small kick-back from Amazon for whatever you purchase from that initial click-through. Not bad.

Now, this whole thing is a bit of an experiment. I don’t expect to make a killing from this little set up, but I think that, with your help, I could make a little extra each month that might go toward some things my family needs. That would be cool.

Don’t worry, I can’t see what you personally purchase, so even though you might click this link, Amazon keeps the purchases totally anonymous.

At this point some of you might be scratching your head about this and asking yourselves a question:

“Is it weird for Andy to ask me to do my online shopping through his website?”

Well, at first I thought, “yeah, that’s kinda weird…” and I almost didn’t create this page, but then I thought better of it. You see, you’re going to shop online. You just are. It’s inevitable. You’re going to click a link somewhere on the internet and someone somewhere is going to make a some money from you clicking that link. Why shouldn’t it be me? People are asking you all day long to shop at their website. They actually ask you for your money.

Now, if I had just asked you for your money, that would be weird. But, I’m not asking you for anything other than making sure that every time you shop on Amazon, just start here at this page. In fact, save this page in your bookmarks and every time you want to go out to Amazon, click the bookmark first, and then click through to Amazon! It’s that simple!

Thank you so much!

P.S. – If this little experiment works, I’ll be coming up with some creative ways to give back and say “Thanks!” Stay tuned for more by filling out the contact form below:

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